#blacklivesmatter & me

I’ve heard the argument that if all those black men and women would have just been doing what the officer asked them to do that they wouldn’t have been killed. Then after the fact they bring up the record of the victim like this person having a history of unlawful acts justifies that the police killed them. Here is my issue with that statement about compliance. You assume that if you do what the officer tells you to do that you’re going to be treated justly but that’s not the case. It’s not true. That’s is a false belief. Too often compliance means waving ones own civil rights and putting oneself vulnerably at the Liberty of the officer. Why should I have to wave my civil rights to comply with a police officer? Why do I have rights up until the police tells me I don’t have rights anymore? And why do I have to die just because I stand up for my civil rights. Bringing up all the mistakes I’ve made in the past is heir say because that was back then and this is right now. Why are my only 2 choices: do what you want with me or die right now? 

An analogy I have for this situation is comparing it too the victimization of women to sexual assault. Because something about their behavior and what they looked like at that very moment aggravated and caused a man to respond in a way that violated her civil rights. Then after it happens people blaming the woman for dressing too risqué or behaving in a certain manner that caused a man to do that too her. Let’s get this very clear. If a very attractive woman walks into a crowd of sexually frustrated men completely undressed, and she gets raped, it’s still not her fault because regardless of her behavior, she has civil rights and they must be respected and preserved. If a Black person is approached by an officer and does not comply with them within the realm of legality he/she does not deserve to die. Regardless of their history of unlawful activity they still have civil rights and those rights must be respected and preserved. Let’s get this clear. Not every life taken by police is falls under the category of police brutality because let’s face it, the entire reason why police even exist is to protect us from the threat of criminals and sometimes they take lives in defense of the lives Of civilians and  their own lives. But too often especially lately, they have used that excuse to take the life of a non threatening individual under the pretense that he/she had the potential of becoming a threat.

The other thing I want to talk about is the defense of police officers because of the nature of their job and the pay they receive for doing that job. Let’s make another thing clear. Every single officer on the force has the choice to one of the hundreds of thousands of other jobs that exist in this world. That’s the career they chose and they were made aware of the risks and also of the pay. 

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